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Biologische bieren

De brouwerij van Brunehaut heeft een gamma biologische en glutenvrije bieren ontwikkeld, gemaakt met gerst die op ons domein geteeld wordt (de boerderij van domaine de Graux).
Wij hebben een unieke en natuurlijke methode ontwikkeld om tijdens het brouwen gluten te verwijderen uit het bier (<5ppm).
Een echt streekbier zonder gluten, kan het nog beter?

Brunehaut White Beer

Look: It has a slightly stronger colour than white beers usually have, certainly pale but with the typical look of the house. Light, fine head with average maintenance. Delicate

Nose: A lovely fresh nose, entirely in the yeast, even slightly floral. The freshness seems to be its main quality.

In the mouth: The first supple flavour without being too bitter, almost round in the mouth. Plays the role of a light and refreshing beer. Average persistence and fresh in the mouth at the end. Although thirst-quenching, the drink still suits a spray of hop topped with a poached egg and a white beer mousseline (the same as is in your glass).

BTI Bronze 2009

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Brunehaut Blond

Look: Very light golden with a delicate and persistent mousse, lovely in the glass.

Nose: In addition to the yeast it has a scent of acacia, even of small white flowers. The aromas stay well.

In the mouth: The first flavour, balanced supple almost round, a little marked by its touch of beeswax, or even pollen. Very pleasant beer as an aperitif for amateur beer enthusiasts not too marked by bitterness, which does not stop it from being thirst-quenching. An aperitif beer to accompany all kinds of vegetable-based and soft vinaigrette tapas. Best drunk in good weather.

BIRA Gold 2011

Gluten free
Brunehaut Amber

Look: A pretty red beer with an old Tawny colour, delicate amber with cognac accents.

Nose: The first scent makes me think of a sauté of slightly caramelised pine nuts, 
then fresh yeast.

In the mouth:: The first flavour fits well with the nose. The tested and concrete aromas are delicately maintains through a strong edge, masculine and without too much sugar. A beer to accompany a variety of dishes cooked in the great stewing tradition.
Best enjoyed in the more "Belgian" seasons, with stewed and cooked dishes.

Gluten free
Brunehaut Triple

Look: A more coppery appearance and maintained, antique or light with a good persistent head.

Nose: The nose is relatively discreet and elegant with fermented touches and fine yeasts. Quite fresh.

In the mouth: The flavour is full of freshness despite the alcohol content. Then there is the strong side, it is full, fat and long. Nevertheless elegance remains at the end. Neither too sugary nor excessive caramel. A beer to drink with some hard cheeses, a young Comté with a fruity balance.

Gluten free