In XIth century Tournay, when the city only had barely 10,000 inhabitants, a cannon called Odon d'Orléans was unable to find a place for silent prayer and meditation. So he founded a new place to live and pray: St Martin's Abbey.
In 1096, Bishop Radbot granted the monks of St Martin's the right to brew, a valuable privilege granted by King Childeric. And that is all to the good as in a time when plague and cholera reigned, people already knew that it was wiser to drink beer than water. The recipes of St Martin's beers have remained a secret.
These are exceptional beers, with a fine and subtle flavour, comprising several types of barley and hops and enriched with rare spices. A beer of yestery ear and of today, to be shared...

Organic beers

The Brunehaut Brewery has developed a range of organic and gluten-free beers, produced with barley grown on our domain (Domaine de graux's farm).
We have developed a UNIQUE and NATURAL method to remove the gluten from the beer during brewing (< 5ppm).
A real regional beer without gluten, what could be better?

Regional beers

Two twinned beers are brewed with passion, delicately spiced with juniper berries and a drop of vintage gin